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I hope everything went well with your shipment and that Chicatella will help you at least as much as it has helped thousands of others.

As I want your experience with our cream to be as effective as possible, I have prepared some important information for you.

Using Chicatella Ointment

I recommend cleansing your skin with warm water, then rub the cream – with firm finger strokes – into the area of your body you want to protect, slowly and in moderate amounts.

Apply it in a thin layer and with repetitive movements. This should take as long as it takes for the skin to slightly warm up and for the cream to be completely absorbed.

It is best rubbed in with warm hands thanks to its long-lasting texture. Such massage will allow it to be absorbed more quickly.

If the skin is sore due to mild inflammation, apply the cream in gentle circular movements.

Very dry skin requires Chicatella Ointment morning and evening, but no more than four times a day. However, for less dry skin, one application a day is sufficient.

You may find its thick texture disconcerting at first, especially if you use it on your face. But persevere, as the result is noticeable after about three days.

IMPORTANT! Very dry skin or skin with severe eczema may become flushed and red after the first few applications. It is a normal reaction which means that the cream is working.

However, it is necessary to distinguish between this reaction and an allergy! Therefore, always test the products on the inside of your elbow. If the skin starts to itch, becomes blotchy, or blistered, it is probably an allergy. In this case, please stop using the cream and contact me.

Thank you for your trust and all the best until next time,


P.S. Don’t forget that one of the main causes of skin discomfort is stress! So, rub our products into your skin with all the love you have for yourself and your loved ones. And if that’s not enough, think that I love you too!

FREE returns

I understand how disheartening it can be to buy a cosmetic product full of optimism, only to discover it doesn’t deliver. 

Because skincare can be quite complicated and our goal is to make your life EASIER, not more difficult, if our ointment is not right for you, we invite you to take advantage of Amazon’s FREE returns policy.

P.S. We’re a genuine, hard working team that truly wants you good. So, based on our experience, if our ointment isn’t effective, it’s highly possible you might have a more complex skin condition than standard eczema or dry skin. 

In such cases, I strongly recommend consulting a skincare professional for guidance, even if you’ve already been diagnosed.