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#1 NATURAL SKINCARE ROUTINE that helps skin become resistant to dryness and eczema.

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Trusted by Over 10.000 Healthy Skin Seekers, Since 2016 ...

Why Chicatella?

In search of perfection, we’ve been developing our NATURAL formulation for more than 3 years ….


Some don’t like moisturisers without a fragrance, but since fragrances are allergenic, we don’t use them.

Though our clients say that our products still smell nice!

Too many people are unaware that white looking moisturisers usually contain artificial colorants.

Because we support healthy skin our products are slightly yellowish and off-white.

We never did and never will test on animals.

After all … We can always test on ourselves.

We don’t use any known allergens in our formulations.

This doesn’t mean you can’t get an allergic reaction to our products, but chances are very small!

To be exact 0,03%. 

Our formulations are almost 100% natural!

Some might argue that Petrolatum is not the most natural ingredient, to which we agree.

But it’s not harmfull either!!!

Besides, in the right combination with other active ingredients, it fights dryness, eczema and atopic dermatitis like a charm.

So for all of you recreational chemists and skincare ingredients experts out there …

You have two options!

Or you heal your skin with corticosteroids, or you try our way more natural magic that is more healthy than the majority of the cosmetic products on the market.


Skin’s regeneration accelerates if the cells are well hydrated, therefore with Chicatella you will experience an amazing sensation.

Chicatella soothes the skin and calms it down so that it prevents it from itching.

One of the main benefits of using Chicatella is that you’ll be needing it less and less, because it hydrates the skin from within, making it smooth and soft for a long time.

As it moisturises your skin from within, the skin becomes less red and if you have eczema, it reduces the inflammation.

When skin is well oiled-up, it becomes soft like beby’s but!

That’s why we have tens of thousands of clients using Chicatella for hard skin on their feet, hands, …

We Help Your Skin Stay Healthy

Outstanding Results

Chicatella was developed by scientists whose work is appreciated by many world known doctors and skincare specialists.

Dr. Toni Konjajev

Dry and atopic skin is an annoying challenge that can be well treated with occlusive functioning skincare like Chicatella.

Dr. Emma Schulz

Chicatella je odlična kombinacija preventive in kurative, ki lajša srbenje in podpira celjenje.

Liberated Faces of Amazed Users

Chicatella has helped people from all around the world get rid of atopic dermatitis, eczema and dry skin!

Have a look at what they have to say about it …

How do Users Feel about Chicatella?

From time to time we send a survey to our new clients asking them how would they rate Chicatella on a couple of key feactors.

Here is what they think


Chicatella's Texture

Chicatella is an OINTMENT, therefore it’s texture is very dense and stiff … and that’s exactly why it works! It doesn’t rub off, it doesn’t leave marks on clothes and it stays on the skin to prevent skin’s moisture from evaporating. 

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