POZOR! Zaradi izjemnega povpraševanja kreme odpremljamo z enotedensko zamudo.

Cookies put simple …


We’ve read pretty much all GDPR laws and to be honest, we’re still confused of what to write.

So we just want you to know that we take your privacy very seriously and are doing everything in our power to protect it.

We use functional cookies so that the website even exists and we also use analytical and marketing cookies, meaning …

If you opted in when you entered the website, we know a little bit about you, but not even close to something that could identify you as a person. It’s just some highly encrypted, nerdy looking codes that let Google Analytics know what users sort of do on our website, and we can also show you an ad with our products when you leave this website and go surf on other platforms.

We have nothing to hide and you can always opt out by switching off the buttons at the middle of this page, or have your data deleted by writing to us at info@chicatella.com.

Now … What do you say about trying our awesome cream? 🤗👇 

Cookie Policy

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